How to Find Default Gateway IP Address in Linux as we know a default gateway is a network access point that acts as an entrance and exit to another network. It allows computers on a network to communicate with computers on another network. A router’s default gateway IP address allows you to access the configuration homepage of the router. Therefore, it is important to know the Gateway IP address of your router. If you want to configure your router, you should know the default IP address for your router. In this article, I’ll show you step by step process to find the gateway IP address for your router in Linux.

Steps on How to Find Default Gateway IP Address in Linux

To find router IP address in Linux OS, you need to use route command. This command can be used to print gateway/router IP address in Linux.

Step 1: Open a Terminal. It can be located in menu items at the top or at the bottom of your system screen depending on your Linux distribution.

Step 2: click Application > System Tools > Terminal.

Step 3: once the terminal is opened, type the following command:

                                ip route | grep default

Step 4: the output of the above command should look something like this:

                              abc$ ip route | grep default

default via dev eth0 proto static

Where again, is default gateway/IP address for your router.

Hopefully, you have understood the process of How to Find Default Gateway IP Address in Linux