How to Disable SSID Broadcast on Your Wifi Router

Disable SSID Broadcast on Your Wifi Router

How to Disable SSID Broadcast: Nowadays, most of the people are using a wifi router instead of direct Ethernet connection and by default, almost every wireless network transmits a service set identifier (SSID). Therefore, devices with a wireless network adapter are able to see the networks in range of their device and can attempt to connect to the network.

However it is good for a public location but it may not be good for a home based network because if you set up a router in your home, your neighbor can find your router.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to hack or get unauthorized access to any wifi network. Therefore, it is recommended to secure your network using a router firewall, you can also disable SSID Broadcast to secure your network.

What is SSID Broadcasting?

SSID (Service Set Identifier) indicates the name of your wifi network. In other words, SSID is nothing but the name of your wifi network that is broadcast and visible to nearby networked devices.

For example, if you have set your SSID or network name as XYZ, the same name will be visible when someone searches for nearby available wifi networks.

What is the Benefit of Disabling SSID Broadcast?

Once you disable SSID broadcast, your wifi router name or network name will not be visible to other even if they come in the range of your wifi network.

Therefore, your device will become more secure and will prevent unauthorized access.

How to Disable SSID Broadcast?

Disabling SSID Broadcast is just a simple task. One can disable SSID broadcast by logging in to the configuration homepage of the wifi router.

The following guide will help you to disable SSID Broadcast in almost every wifi router.

Steps to How to Disable SSID Broadcast

Step 1: Power ON your wifi router and connect your computer to the wifi network.

Step 2: Open any browser available on your computer and type default IP address of your such as or in browser’s address bar.

Can’t find the default IP address of your router? See the complete list of default IP addresses for routers.  

Step 3: log in using default username and password for your router. See the list of default username and password here.

Step 4: after logging in to the admin panel. Locate Wireless option mostly appears in left-hand side menu bar (it can be anything like Setting or Wireless Settings). Under the Wireless option, choose Wireless Setting.

Step 5: under the Wireless Settings, look for an option called Enable SSID Broadcast (it should be enabled by default).

Step 6: uncheck the checkbox adjacent to Enable SSID Broadcast.

Step 7: click on save button to apply changes; you might have to restart your router to apply changes.

Now, you understood How to Disable SSID Broadcast and you have successfully disabled SSID broadcast. You will find that your network is not visible to other devices that are not already connected to your network.

If you want to connect a new device to your router network, you have to enable SSID broadcasting again.

You can enable SSID broadcast by following the same procedure (check the unchecked box adjacent to Enable SSID Broadcast).

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