Default IP Address serves as the default IP address for routers same as and, and enables you to access and manage the configuration page of your router.

Accessing the configuration home page allows you to access and manage various settings such as Qos, DNS, LAN, WAN, SSID, network security etc. us a private IPv4 address, you cannot use this address from outside home network, for that matter, you need to use router’s public IP address.

How to Access

To access this IP address, follow the step by step procedure given below:

Step 1: connect your PC to your router.

Step 2: open a web browser and type in the address bar of the browser and hit the enter button.

Step 3: you’ll see a login page asking the username and password for your router. Enter the login credential and click the login button. If you don’t know the default username for your router, please refer to our list of default username and password for routers.

Lost the password? Learn how to recover router password.

Step 4: once you logged in to the admin dashboard of your router, you will be able to see, manage and change the configuration of your wifi router.

Can’t Access

If you are not able to access the configuration homepage using, most probably your router uses another IP address as the default gateway.

To find the right IP address for your router, read the user manual of your router or see our list of Default IP address for routers.

Alternatively, you can try using a different browser or a different device to access You can also try clearing cache of your browser or disable any firewall or antivirus running in the background on your computer.

Still having problem in accessing the admin panel of your router? Contact to your router manufacturer’s customer support or learn how to reset a wifi router.