How to Set up Belkin Router

How to Set up Belkin Router : Belkin router is a wireless router manufactured by Belkin International Inc. that serves two basic functions by allowing connectivity to internal hosts via a wifi network and to the external internet via a WAN link (PPPoE, DSL, Ethernet or others). Belkin routers also provide some additional features like NAR, firewall and device white listing.

Setting up a Belkin router is a simple and easy process. Although, it can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. But don’t worry I’m going to show you the step by step process to set up Belkin router. Follow the process carefully to install Belkin router and secure your network. This article also covers the process to access the Belkin router admin panel to set up your administrator password and protect your network.

How to Set up Belkin Router and Securing Your Network

Power Cycling the Modem and Router

Step 1: unplug the modem and the router from any power source connected.

Step 2: power on the modem and power on your router too by plugging them back to the power source.

Router Manual Set Up

Step 1: Connect your PC to one of the Ethernet ports of the router.

Step 2: Open any web browser available on your computer and type the default IP address in the browser’s address bar and hit the enter button. The default IP address of Belkin is See our List of default router IP address.

Step 3: click Login.

Step 4: don’t enter a password and click submit button (Belkin routers don’t have a default password).

Step 5: once you logged in to the Belkin router’s configuration page, click Connection Type under Internet WAN.

Step 6: select Connection Type and click Next.

Step 7: Enter the Details provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and click Apply Changes button to save the changes you’ve made to your router configuration.

Setup Wireless Feature on Belkin Router

To configure a wireless feature on Belkin router, click Wireless tab from the menu and configure the wireless network in setup page (you can change the network name and wireless channel).

Enable Wireless Security

After enabling the wireless feature on your Belkin router, now you need to enable security for the wireless network. To do that, click Security option under the Wireless tab and configure the wireless security.

Now, you know How to Set up Belkin Router  and you’re all set to user Belkin router and access the internet. You can also enable address filtering to block an unauthorized access to your wifi network and ensure the safety of your wireless network.

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