How to Reset WiFi Router

How to Reset WiFi Router : Want to reset your network router? There are many reasons to reset a network router such as you can’t remember the administrator password or your router is not working properly or you want to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Hard resetting your network router will solve the most common issues such as automatic restore, system error, network issues etc. in this article, we’ll walk through the common steps to reset any router in your home or office. If you want to reset your router, please keep reading this guide on how to reset any network router.

How to Reset WiFi Router

There are several different methods to reset a router which can be used to reset a router depending on the situation.

Hard Reset

A hard reset, also known and master reset or factory reset is the most drastic method to reset a router that is most commonly used when you’ve forgotten your administrator password or wireless security key or your router is not working properly and you wish to start over with a fresh setting. A hard reset is the restoration of a router to its original state (to state it was in when it left the factory). Since the device is restored to factory default, all settings (including port forwarding setting, custom DNS server) and data (including username, password, security key) added by the user are removed.

However, a hard reset doesn’t revert currently-installed version of router’s firmware.

How to Reset Router?

Follow the set by step process given below to reset your router.

Note: it is recommended to disconnect the broadband modem from the router before performing hard resets to avoid connectivity complications.

Step 1: power on your router and locate the reset button mostly appear on the back or the bottom side of the router.

Step 2: press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds (use a pointy object like pepper pin to press the button).

Step 3: release the reset button and wait for another 30 seconds. When the router is fully reset, it will reboot itself automatically.

An alternative method to hard reset a router involves holding down the reset button for 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds (called 30-30-30 hard reset rule). You can try this method if the above me3thod doesn’t work for you.

Soft Reset

This method helps to troubleshoot internet connectivity issues. Since this method involves selecting the reset options through the admin configuration page of the router, this method only works if you know the administrator password of your router. This method comes in various forms such as reset to factory default or reboot with factory settings, depending on the brand and firmware of routers.

To soft reset your router, you need to login to the admin dashboard of your router using administrator username and password and select the option labeled as reset to factory default or restore default or reboot with factory settings. After selecting this option, now the router will start rebooting and it will be back with its original state (factory default state) within a minute.

Hopefully, you have understood the method How to Reset WiFi Router. This method works with every wifi router available in the market but some options or names such as the location of reset button on the router or resets option at the router configuration page may differ depending on manufacturers and firmware of the router.

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